Monthly Archives: January 2016

Four tips for choosing the best parcel delivery company
Would you risk your whole business on a £2 bet?

In this blog we take a look at the potential risks of using low-cost couriers, plus our Top Four Tips for choosing the best parcel delivery company?

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Jan 30
guide to vat for ecommerce businesses
UK E-Commerce Businesses – A Guide to VAT

As you will probably already know, an e-commerce store is a virtual shop that may be run by an individual, or be a business with 200 employees. Regardless of size, tax is something that affects not only eBay sellers, but also all other e-Commerce store operators. To help clear things up for you we’ve put together this easy-to-understand guide to VAT for UK E-Commerce Businesses in the UK.

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Jan 27
ParcelBright Stops Delivering Parcels – What To Do Now?

Having raised $1 million in a seed-funding round in December 2014, many would have assumed that ParcelBright had great potential to become the next ‘big hit’

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Jan 24