If someone asked you to put your whole business on a bet, with the potential of it returning a £2 win, would you? Don’t worry; we wouldn’t either. But each and every day, people put their businesses in the hands of low cost couriers to deliver their parcels in order to save a few pounds. We’ve put this article together to help show just why cheaper isn’t always better – we hope you find it helpful!

Before we begin, take a quick look at this list of what else a courier provider involves, alongside the physical delivering of the parcel.

• Customer care • Insurance • Staff • Trading records • Reputation
• Awards • Appearance • Vehicles • Support • General helpfulness

Does a lower price always equal value for money?
As you probably know, saving pennies here and there can really help in business. But one thing to remember is that paying a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean you get value for money. Choosing a low cost parcel delivery courier could lead to poor quality service, potential delays in delivery, higher chances of damage to your goods, and even parcels getting lost in the post.

Poor quality service
We’ve had many businesses come to us with the same problem: poor quality of service. Whether it’s been the customer care side or the delivering of the parcels – we’ve heard it. Choosing a cheap parcel delivery company can lead to them cutting corners and service quality taking a back seat, leaving you unhappy and your customers even more so.

Delays, delays, delays
Due to low cost couriers receiving less, there is a great potential they don’t have back up providers. This means that any issues with their distribution network will result in delays for you – and ultimately delays for your customer. Paying a slightly higher premium for an experienced and trusted courier will leave you with peace of mind and happy customers too.

Increased risk of damage

All of us have heard a horror story about someone using a cheap parcel courier and the item being damaged or lost during transit. But what does this really mean for business?

• Although you may have saved slightly on the cost of delivery, you will now need to pay out for another product
• You’ll also have to pay for delivery.. again
• Your customer will be left waiting too
• The overall result? A potential angry and dissatisfied customer, with a chance losing any future business from them

Top 4 tips when choosing a courier:

  1. Reputation
    Choose a company that is known for doing a great job – not just from what they say, but also from through customer reviews and testimonials.
  2. Is bigger really better?
    You probably heard what happened to CityLink back in 2014. A huge courier company that employed over 2,700 staff yet collapsed and went into administration. Avoid focusing on the company size, instead focusing on the job at hand and how well they do it.
  3. How important is a parcel courier to you?
    If the core of your business is selling products, then it could be argued that a parcel delivery company is vital to your success. Build a relationship with your parcel delivery company and make them your closest ally. They’ll be a friendly face to your customer and leave you free of all logistical troubles. Couriers are often seen as just another cost, but they should be seen as just an extension of your business. Part of the team.
  4. Look at the long term
    If you decide to use a low cost parcel delivery courier – once you take into account potential delays, damaged or lost goods and poorer quality service – a premium courier provider may actually be cheaper.

What next?

If you’re stuck trying to decide which courier provider to use, come and see what we can do for you today. We offer same day, next day and international delivery as well as bespoke and tailor-made packages for your business needs.

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