Help & Advice

Questions about your delivery, account or just looking to browse? Below are a few questions that our customers find useful.
Do you have a question that isn't covered? Contact us on 0203 432 3392 or via our Contact Us page and our friendly team will be happy to help.

How do I open an account?

To open an account, just fill out our online Open An Account form. Our account management team will perform some quick checks and you’ll then receive a call from your personal account manager to discuss all of your requirements and what to expect from us.

How do I send a package?

After your account is open, you’ll have full access to our online booking system 24 hours a day, which will allow you to create your shipping documentation. You’ll also be able to print your own labels to attach to goods ready for collection from here also.

Can I integrate my warehouse system with yours to reduce manual input time?

Yes, and we can help you set this up. First we’ll analyse your business model to fully understand your business and then recommend a shipping system that is fits your requirements.

How should I pack my goods before I have them collected?

Your goods should be packaged safely, securely and adequately in order to travel through a courier/warehouse environment.

Can I have a daily collection or do I have to request this each day?

If you have daily shipping requirements we can implement a regular daily collection. This will be operated by your local collecting depot where the designated driver will collect from you at the same time each day.

Can my customers receive either email or SMS text alerts

Yes, these are available for you to provide to your customers should you require them.

Do you supply packaging, for example: bags, boxes or labels?

Various packaging options are available to you at no cost. Simply contact your designated Account Manager and they can help organise these for you.

What are your credit terms?

Our Credit terms are 7 days initially, but we usually revisit these after an agreed negotiated period. At this point we may have the option to extend these, provided regular, on time payments have been made against your account.

Can I send all of my goods with you, for example: Bags, Packages, Pallets, Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Materials, etc?

Yes! Because we aim to provide a bespoke service for all of your requirements, we can move virtually any product you require to anywhere in the world.

Do you offer a range of timed delivery services?

Yes, we provide a fully tailored timed delivery service. Whether you have a requirement for Next Day, Pre 9 AM, Pre 10:30 AM, Pre 12, 2/3 day or day-definite, we have a solution for you.

Can I send to anywhere in the world?

Our worldwide coverage allows us to deliver to any destination, for whatever product you require to send. We take the stress out of having to show around and do all the hard work for you, aiming to be your one stop shop for all your logistical requirements.

What customs documentation is required to send outside of the UK?

To send goods to outside of the UK or the E.U., multiple copies of a commercial invoice must be supplied with the package to pass customs regulations. 5 copies are needed in total – 4 to be handed to the driver collecting the goods and 1 to be attached to the outside of the box/es.

Can I track my shipments throughout their journey?

Yes, you can track the individual consignments/packages via our online booking system, right from when the point that the shipment is collected. You can also view real time tracking updates and proof of delivery (signatures) too.

Do I have a personal Account Manager or is it a call centre you operate?

We believe in great customer service. When you open an account with us, we’ll assign you a personal Account Manager as your main point of contact who you can talk to about all your delivery requirements. We avoid any call centre ethos as it simply doesn’t work for our customers, and we want to stand out from the crowd and be your reliable, trusted supplier.

Can I contact you at anytime?

Our office hours are 9 AM – 5.30 PM Monday to Friday, however outside of these hours you can still reach a member of the team on our office number 0203 432 3392 who will be happy to help.

What format are my invoice in?

Invoices are generated in a line entry format as standard but these can be supplied in CSV format upon request.

Can I pay my invoices by direct debit?

Yes, this is our preferred payment method and can be set up online with us before your first package is collected.

Will my goods be covered by insurance while in transit?

We have various options when it comes to transit liability insurance coverage. Give us a call and we can explain these options and find the best fit for you.

What happens if I miss the delivery driver?

Don’t worry! The delivery driver will leave a missed delivery card alerting you to the fact that we have attempted to deliver an item for you. This will explain your options to receive your package, for example reschedule the delivery, pick it up from the local depot (by the consignee/customer), or collect the item from your previously specified “safe place”.

The card will contain the details of your local depot should you need to visit or contact them.

What is classified as a "safe place"?

A safe place is somewhere our courier can collect or deliver your parcel even if you’re not in. It should be dry and secured from public access but still easily accessible to our courier. Typical examples include a shed, greenhouse or porch.