Selling on Amazon is a cut-throat world and to make a big success of it, you’ll need a helping hand. Luckily there’s some fantastic software tools out there to help streamline your selling career and ensure you’re making the most of your inventory as well as find ways for you to grow your online e-commerce business. Here are 10 of the best software tools for Amazon sellers.

FBA Revenue Calculator
Selling your items through Fulfilment by Amazon can make life a lot simpler but it’s impossible to know just how much money you’ll actually make if you don’t use the Fulfilment by Amazon Revenue Calculator – with different charges depending on the item sold as well as weight/destination, it’ll help you keep on top of expected earnings.

Amazon Seller App
If you want to keep track of your business while on the move, the Amazon Seller App for iOS and Android is the simplest way to see a summary of activity from your mobile. It’s not as powerful as managing everything from a desktop machine but you’ve got plenty to help keep things ticking over while out and about.

While Veeqo has a number of features, the main reason you need it is for inventory management. There are few good software options that are compatible with Amazon UK, but of those that are available Veeqo stands out as simple to use and comprehensive, ensuring you never over-sell.

Profit Bandit
Profit Bandit is a scouting app – scan a barcode and you’ll instantly get information on who’s selling it on Amazon and how much for. It’s the perfect way to track what you should be selling at, helping you make the most profit.

Alternatively if you’d rather do some research yourself online, PriceBlink is a browser extension that will search out the best prices currently available on a product you’re currently viewing. Great if you want to dig around and find out the best price for an item, and even better if you need to restock.

If you don’t want to be completely hands on with your pricing, then Sellery may be perfect for you. It allows you to set rules to automatically reprice your items, to help you get the most exposure and keep your products competitive.

Manage By Stats
Like to dig deep with the statistics of your business? Manage By Stats gives you comprehensive results that can be organised and displayed in a multitude of formats to help you get the data you need to learn how to maximise your offering.

A useful package that has a number of functions, Vendio is great for bulk-listing items and promoting them across multiple channels – so if you run more than just an Amazon store, you’re able to easily track and sell across all your stores from one platform.

Unlike eBay, securing feedback on Amazon is tricky as most buyers simply don’t bother to comment once they’ve made a purchase. FeedbackFive is specifically designed for Amazon to automatically solicit reviews, help manage negative ones and generally boost your seller rating.

There are many good accounting tools out there so ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but Xero offers a simple-to-use format that helps to keep things streamlined for small to medium businesses.

Take any advantage you can get to make sure your products are seen first on Amazon, and to help your e-commerce business grow. These 10 tools will give you that leg up, so make sure to use them.

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