A fool and his money are easily parted, or so the saying goes. But it isn’t just the foolish who have been interested in some of the strangest things to ever appear for sale on eBay. All kinds of odd things have been sold on the auction site, and here are 10 of the weirdest.

Advertising space on someone’s forehead
It’s an idea that’s possibly entered the mind of anyone short of a few quid, but someone once actually did sell advertising space on their own forehead, in the form of a temporary tattoo. For just over £25,000 Andrew Fischer advertised a snoring remedy from SnoreStop just below his hairline.

A weekend with four Australian men
Back in 2006, four Australian guys auctioned a weekend of “some beers, some snags, some good conversation and a hell of a lot of laughs” and managed to raise over £600 – which hopefully covered the cost of the beers.

The meaning of life
People often seek the true meaning of life, so it’s quite surprising that when someone offered to give the solution to the winning bidder on an auction in 2000, only eight people were brave/gullible/inquisitive enough to place a bid. It sold for around £2.

A corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois
‘Things shaped like other famous things’ are always popular on eBay, but one of the most successful to actually sell was a corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois, that was bought for almost £1,000 in 2008 to be displayed in a travelling museum.

A single corn flake
Unlike the prior item in the list, this corn flake had no special value or unusual shape. It was just a corn flake. Still, that didn’t stop a British student from flogging it online for £1.20 in 2004. Which is almost enough to buy another box of corn flakes. That’s some profit margin right there.

The Hollywood sign
From the insignificance of a corn flake to the iconic original Hollywood sign – proof that eBay offers items from all walks of life. The person who sold the sign had only owned it for two years but he still managed to get a great price of over £310,000 for it.

A whole life
After getting divorced in 2008, Ian Usher decided he wanted a fresh start – so he sold his life. That included all his possessions including house and car, his friends and even the chance to go for his job. He made over £200,000 and used that to begin anew, and has since written a book on his experiences.

Haunted doll
For ‘weird’ read ‘creepy’: in 2014 a supposedly haunted doll was sold for £108, despite the seller warning that the doll had been scratching their son in his sleep and bruising his legs. People will buy anything…

Armour for a guinea pig
Ever had the urge to send your guinea pig to battle? Or simply a worrier who likes to be a little bit over-protective of your pet? Then this miniature suit of armour, including helmet, could’ve been yours for around £800. Don’t you feel like you missed out?

Britney Spears’ chewing gum (used)
Ending on a classic stalker gift, a piece of chewing gum used by Britney Spears in 2004 was sold for £140 to someone who clearly had nothing better to do. It sparked a wave of listings for chewing gum the singer had supposedly discarded of at concerts. Either she was a serial litterer, or these people were lying.

Remember while eBay is often the source of the weird and the wacky, it’s also a great place for serious stores that want to make money selling goods that have actual worth.

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