Amazon has launched a new delivery score metric to help sellers track their performance and ensure they remain in the top percentages.

The service will be familiar to anyone who uses eBay’s own On-Time Delivery Score, although Amazon’s offering is different in that parcels that are tracked are measured differently to those that are not.

Tracked parcels are expected to have tracking information entered within 48 hours, and to be delivered by the estimated time of the courier. The target success rate is 98% for tracked parcels and 97% for non-tracked parcels.

Currently the score is not shown to customers so it should not affect a seller’s sales if they do not meet targets, but this may change in future.

Amazon has stated on its own FAQs for the newly launched service that hitting the targets could result in the opportunity to offer reduced shipping or handling rates in future. It has also said that failing to hit targets will not directly influence sellers’ accounts with closures or suspensions.

However Amazon suggests that the scores are designed to help sellers understand why they may be receiving negative feedback, and that failing to hit the targets set may result in negative feedback and complaints which could in turn indirectly cause suspension of accounts.

Therefore Amazon has added new recommendations to put the onus on sellers to ensure their ratings stay above the required levels. To help sellers monitor delivery rates to avoid falling victim to claims and complaints, a performance indicator has been added to the Customer Metrics dashboard.

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