DPD have announced plans to develop their delivery services further in 2016 with the launch of DPD Precise, which will allow customers to choose their own delivery slots for their convenience and bring mobile technology into a more efficient experience.

Anyone waiting for a parcel to be delivered will be able to choose a one-hour slot for their delivery, which will be narrowed down to just 15 minutes nearer the expected time, resulting in fewer re-delivery attempts needed. This will work hand-in-hand with the DPD app which will allow customers to book a slot on their phone, and also leave feedback on the service instantly.

Another key part of DPD Precise is embracing mobile technology to know when a customer is at home. If a customer misses a delivery, but then returns home and has the DPD app installed on their phone, the delivery driver will be notified of the customer being at their delivery location and if they are in the same area can attempt to redeliver on the same day.

The development of DPD Precise is currently underway and it is not expected to be rolled out to customers until summer 2016. Even then, the option for automatic redelivery with customers’ phone locations being used is expected to only be offered to top customers initially before expanding to the whole market.

The CEO of DPD, Dwain McDonald, set out these plans in a speech at The Delivery Conference. He admitted that there will be some teething problems that will need to be worked out, including if a large number of people decide to delay their delivery by one day compared to when they would normally receive it, and the impact on storage facilities, but plans are pressing ahead regardless with a view to testing it live.

DPD by Kefraya is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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