New research has shown that Millennials take delivery options into consideration more than any other buying group, and place upmost importance in the quality of delivery services.

The statistics, put together in a survey carried out by Metapack, found that 78% of Millennials in Europe had chosen to purchase from one retailer over another based purely on delivery options. The study also showed that 69% of people in this group were willing to pay more for an upgraded delivery option.

The survey was carried out across shoppers in the US alongside Europe, including the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Over 3,000 adult shoppers took part, with the term ‘Millennials’ referring to the 18-26 year old age group.

One of the most important features to this group is delivery speed – 44% of Millennials said that they had abandoned a purchase online after finding out the delivery would take too long. Conversely, 60% of the group were prepared to pay a premium for same day delivery services.

They are also savvy with social media, with 50% admitting to having posted about a negative delivery experience on a social media channel before, stating that they would never use that retailer again. 61% have also said they have used social media channels as research, to find out whether they wanted to place an order or if there were bad reviews to dissuade them.

Kees de Vos, Chief Product Officer at MetaPack said: “This age group is less tolerant than previous generations.

“If retailers want to secure the loyalty of Millennials, they need to start now and ensure a first-class quality of service and a wide range of options are available online. Being digital natives they are accustomed to speed and responsiveness and this translates into their shopping and browsing habits as much as any other part of their lives.”

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