PrimeNow is a same-day delivery service offered by Amazon that currently applies to a range of thousands of products, with one hour delivery options available in certain areas. While same day deliveries are not new amongst couriers they are usually exceptional and are rarely offered as a standard service.

PrimeNow is available in a number of locations around the UK, and it continues to expand. To utilise the service a buyer must pay the annual fee for Amazon Prime. Customers in certain postcodes can then opt for the one-hour delivery service.

Outside of these areas but still in selected postcodes, an alternative is same day delivery where the person making the order can nominate a two-hour window anytime between 8am and midnight to receive a parcel. This is free as part of the Prime package – one hour delivery has a cost of £6.99.

Where is PrimeNow currently available?
Amazon PrimeNow has just launched in the Liverpool area, with coverage across the whole city including the one hour delivery options. In the surrounding regions, the two hour delivery slots have also been added for Birkenhead, Warrington and Wigan, giving the service a foothold in northern England from which to expand.

Previously the service was only available in the Midlands and around London, although Edinburgh and Glasgow were the two exceptions. In the Midlands the service is available in most Birmingham postcodes as well as Wolverhampton, Dudley and Walsall, while Bath and Bristol are the two main hubs in the South East.

London was the first location for PrimeNow to be launched in the UK, and it has comprehensive coverage with same-day delivery available throughout the city centre and many boroughs.

Amazon’s innovative and efficient approach to same-day delivery services will put more pressure on courier services to offer a similar standard of response time. Customers are starting to expect a faster turnaround on delivery time and Amazon’s PrimeNow service is the first major step towards ultra-high speed deliveries on a larger scale.

The opportunity however is for smaller courier companies to step in and provide an alternative service either at a competitive rate or in areas that PrimeNow doesn’t yet cover. Expect more to be made of same day deliveries as PrimeNow becomes more mainstream amongst businesses and consumers. Whatever your business needs, there is a courier service that’s right for you and that includes urgent deliveries on the same day if required.

Amazon España por dentro (San Fernando de Henares) by Álvaro Ibáñez is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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